Some Things.

Catherine Zeta-Jones checked herself into the nervous hospital for Bi-Polar II disorder. She stayed five days.

This is every woman’s (that I know) dream. Just a week in the hospital with bedside service and sleep. No bills or jobs or kids or husbands or stress or noise or chatter. Just a week to get your shit together. Get a handle on that sleep deprivation you’ve been running on for over a year. Some vitamins and good joo-joo going into your body. Mandatory times for being social and some lovely padded walls and floors for when you fall right out of the bed.

I think it sounds lovely.

Last night it wasn’t Princes’ Harry and William in my dreams, but Shirley MacLaine. We were all over the place. I was reading one of her books right before I went to sleep, so that explains that. I got this one at the Half Price Books yesterday at lunch.

She's got some no nonsense words about growing older....i LOVE it!

Also, have I told you that the lettuce and spinach in my garden are almost ready for the eating? I do believe I shall have some fresh greens with my grilled chicken tonight! YUMMMM!

This is one of my new favorite things. Totally stole it from the roommate and with just a teensy bit of real maple syrup, warmed up…it needs nothing else. SO GOOD and easy!

SO GOOD and SO EASY! as well as organic and not bad calorie-wise!

Aaaaand here’s one for the day. The women of rock were on the Big O yesterday. (you know I’m totally sucked into the Farewell Season) and they made me so happy with their music! Ohhhh Stevie Nicks.

She still looks amazing and her voice sounds really good. Pat Benetar, however, sounds just as good as she did when I was in the 7th grade

18 thoughts on “Some Things.

  1. Lettuce and spinach in your garden! That’s awesome. I remember looking at those Butter Blaster things a long time ago, thinking that they’d be useful for camping trips. Good to know I should still consider them. Cindy hates those things.

    When was the last time you were able to take a nice little getaway for yourself, Misti?


    1. I went to NYC for my birthday. That was my last trip. But to get away and do nothing but rest?
      I have absolutely no memory of doing any of that


      1. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Not the NYC trip. That’s just a whirlwind of activity. Given any thought to where you’d even go for a real quiet-the-mind, re-create the soul getaway? We considered doing an all-inclusive resort in Mexico because I think we can do that relatively cheap.


      2. I would love a full week at the lake. The Lake. where ever that is. Just resting and reading and being by the water.
        I’d love an all inclusive thing. I still dont have my passport so that crimps stuff. grrrr.


      3. Passport shmashport. It’ll take us a year to save for that trip anyway. Surely, you could get a passport by then. In fact, I might talk to Cindy about this, and do a blog post about it. We haven’t been on a real vacation since Portland in 2008.


  2. I hope you saved a little Chimichurri for dipping your chicken in…also, Felix said he makes it with cilantro, not parsley. And….there might be a little storm tv tonight!


  3. I figured Cindy would love. Organic. Not horrible on the other ingredients and calories. And they taste delish! BATTER blaster, though kids. We’re not frying butter.


    1. It’s because they have to put a propellant in the can to get it out. And because pancakes are just super easy to make, the can itself seems like a big waste. I think she’s right, but I’m intrigued by stuff like this, and willing to try it out.


      1. nope. I don’t give a shit about propellants. when you can go from the fridge to the griddle in one fell swoop, no stirring, no mixing, no extra dishes to wash, and have three perfect pancakes for breakfast in like 5 minutes? MUCH easier than doing them the other way. Even if it’s a box mix that only requires water. Makes my mornings better. I heart them.
        I want to do an As Seen On TV Christmas party this year.


  4. First, I miss you on fb. Next, oh my gosh 5 days in a nervous hospital sounds so so so wonderful and good. For real. And then did I ever tell you I met Shirley MacLaine? She is so awesome. She ran into me (bodily, not automobiley) at an event I was at in Dallas a zillion years ago. And she said “watch it, skinny ass”. How cool is that? That’s all for now. I loves you!


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