Palm Sunday

Are you as tired as I am?

Cuz man oh man. I’m whooped. Busy week at both jobs, bartended a wedding on Friday, crazy at the salon including prom hair on Saturday. Last night was spent with my PseudoFamily. I totally invited myself over to their house and included what I wanted to eat! We had grilled steaks, asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes and cold beer. Lots of singing and dancing with the kids. Did my heart good.

I’m sitting here this morning sipping my coffee watching my CBS Sunday Morning, gathering up the strength to get in the shower and get to church. I’m yawning. I’m sleepy. I’m getting up.

This next week we’ve got  a few fabulous things. David Sedaris is tomorrow night! I’m so excited!

Noodle has her opening night Thursday for Our Town. I’m so proud and cannot wait to be in the audience.

Friday night is a birthday party for a friend…details to come on that.

and then it’s Easter weekend.

ok. ok. ok. I’m getting up and getting into the shower. yawn. yawn. yawn.

3 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. There’s a lot of Catholic churches around here. Today we saw all these people with palm leaves parading into the church. It took a bit to realize that it Palm Sunday. I kind of like those rituals of the ash on the forehead and people waving the palm leaves about. My Easter ritual is Easter egg dyeing.

    Love you! Take pictures of the Noodle!


  2. Beautiful Saturday night! I love it when we all invite ourselves to steak dinners and family time. Yee Haw to family time!


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