Bits and Pieces

I got a text last night from one of my best friends in Arkansas asking me to take my Oklahoma weather back. Apparently they’ve been in the eye of the shitstorm, tornados, massive amounts of rain…Springtime weather and they’re getting OURS!

I won’t complain, we had two days of rain which has helped the giant cracks in my backyard. (not a euphemism) It also helped soak in the sod in the front. Easter was blissful as I spent it with Bonusmom at her church and then at the Frontier for Easter Dinner. We had pork tenderloin, fresh salad with greens and onions from the garden, strawberries and mandrin oranges, an onion souffle thing that I’ve been dreaming about since, muffins and homemade cookies and wine.


What is it about having a meal prepared by someone else that makes it even better? I slurped it up. Came home, and almost forgot to rejoin Facebook before I took a nap!

I’m back on, plugged in and commenting. I got lots of support in locating my vaccination files to send in, completing my grad school application. Seriously…I’m freakin 40 years old! Why in the world would I have a copy of my shot records? Or think to need it? Welp…apparently there was a law passed in 2004 and yes. It’s needed. BUT I found it, made a trip to BatShitCrazyTown and got to have a few minutes with my best friend as a bonus.

I completed my first day of the 8 day cleanse/detox. By the end of the day I had the most horrendous headache. I love chips. Carbs. CHIPS. I’m good today, though. Feel fine. I roasted a turkey breast last night for my eating this week. Starting that process at 7pm wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

What else?

THE ROYAL WEDDING approaches!!!

Yeah, I’m giddy. I’m REALLY excited. The only thing I’m working on now is which coverage to dvr. To be sure, I’ll be up and awake to watch it live…but I want to record it too. Any ideas? TLC I think will be one that I use. They’ve got it together this week.

Ok kids. That’s it for me today. Diving into another week of Salon/Job 2. We’ve got social gatherings this week as Noodle has her Opening Night of Our Town, Norman Music Festival is this weekend, and of course THE WEDDING.

Halakaleem, Huzzuah, Happy Tuesday and I love George Clooney. Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. RE: Norman Music Festival
    Please take my place in the audience for the Love Button show. They are all old dear friends and I wish I could be there.


  2. Our little dinner table is by the window that looks out to the backyard. It was raining here yesterday, too, and looking out of that window during dinner, Cindy and I had the same thought: If we didn’t know any better, we’d swear we were in the Pacific Northwest. (That’s not a bad thing.)


    1. I think we have a chance of a little more here, which we sorely need but then it clears up again. I’m jealous of your weather.


  3. Don’t be surprised if that headache hits you again around the same time. If the diet will allow it, snack on some almonds.

    One day down and just 7 more to go, well 6 and 1/2 really. Keep on keepin’ on.


    1. well I’m not supposed to have more than my allotted 4 oz of protein this afternoon, but I had some almonds and a babel cheese circle. My body is pisssssssssssed. Tomorrow will be better. And I’m chugging more water to flush it out.


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