The Transformation of a Country Girl into a Superpower

It’s Saturday morning and I’m off work!

I’m up still, at the crack of whatwhat, because I’m prepping to drive to Tulsa in support of my best good friend Delbert.

See, Delbert has had a really shitty past few years. When things were really bad, she would seek solace not in beer (like some of us) not in manic cleaning (like some of us that do not live in Brokedown Palace) not in cheese (like several of us) but at the gym.

I know. She’s already leaps and bounds above me in her coping mechanisims.

At first, it was just an escape. And then it became social, she had friends that welcomed her and supported her with nothing expected in return. Finally, it became a way of life for her, and she decided in this her 40th year (she turns next weekend!) that she would face some fears. She would “Do the thing you think you cannot do” and she entered a body competition.

She has transformed herself. Inside and out. And she amazes me. Her determination is as fierce as her bicep and to watch her move from the woman who was afraid to live by herself into this person who…forgive me…but I’m pretty sure she could take down Wonder Woman…well it’s just a beautiful thing.

This road hasn’t been easy. She hasn’t gone out much, the diet is so rigid that it’s just not even worth it. She’s been hungry pretty much since Janurary and has injested so much chicken I’m pretty sure she clucks in her sleep.

Today however, it all pays off. She’ll put on that itty bitty teeny weeny lookie at my body bikini. She’ll slide on those clear heels. She’ll channel her inner badass stripper superhero and she will take her Malibu Barbie self out on that stage and strike a pose.

And I will be in the audience clapping and praying and more than likely shedding a tear or two. **

Delbert, I love you girl. I’m so proud and I cannot WAIT to witness this day!



**Crying with pride mind you. The tears will have nothing to do with the fact that I’ll be in a room full of zero percent body fat.

5 thoughts on “The Transformation of a Country Girl into a Superpower

  1. She amazes me too. She is the funniest, sweetest, most hilarious person. And never in a million years would I believe that she’s afraid to do anything. She will rock the heels off those shoes!


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