I’ve had a bunch of stuff in the back of my noodle that I’ve been ignoring until “after I get back from the mountain.” Lot’s of things like bills, tax payments and some financial work that I DO NOT WANT TO DO, dealing with enrollment and financial aid for school, getting the guestroom back in order, bills getting paid.

Just a bunch of stuff.

The fact that I managed to really ignore it and be in the moment during the trip was amazing unto itself. But last night my internet went out so I couldn’t do anything with bills and information gathering and this morning I woke up in a full blown almost panic attack.

With a fever blister.

I called my sister and talked to her for awhile. The internet tech came out early and was kind and generous with his time and information and fixed me right up, even better than before. I called into the salon and have a few appointments today. I’m praying for more. I’m going to get into the office for a few hours as well…

I feel a little better. Less panicky. I need to make a list and see what exactly it is I need to do to breathe a bit easier

I’ve got weekend bartending shifts both Friday and Saturday.

Mom and the kids are arriving tomorrow for a visit so my free time will be spent with them.

Taryn and I decided to scrap our summer camping trip and make it a trip to the condo instead! Climate control is the key for my future summer mini breaks. I want to have a family camping trip…but we’re looking at Sept/October. Maybe a long weekend during fall break.

What else?

Missing my travel partners. I love being able to find people who I travel well with. Mgirl and I are good travel partners, and now I’ve got a few more to the list! Trish and Gabe and I have yet to remove our Waka wristbands…We’re our own version of a Wolf Pack.

Ok kids. I’ve got to get ready. Banging some hair at 10. I need to get mine banged as well. I am going to get a real haircut this week. not super short, but a goodly amount. It’s time. It’s just time.

Oh hey! I got financial aid for grad school! I was approved for loans and some workstudy. I’m ok with that. Maybe I can find some grants in my future, but I’m ok with the loans. I’m just ready to get there, ya know?

Have a great day.

I love my air conditioning.

4 thoughts on “Gobbledygook

  1. I love how you were worried about not making progress and then BANG the rest of the post is all the progress you’ve made. SAHWEEEEET!



  2. Yay for grad school money! Just remember “what is essential? what is most important in this moment?”. Stop and ask these things out loud. It will help.


  3. The Ezell wedding Friday is going to be rocking. I am doing the cake. Its gorgeous! And you are going to make some cash o la! They are so nice. And they drink too. See you then. Love, love, love.


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