I’ve been struggling with my health this week. Exhaustion. Sun rash that has just eaten up my chest. It’s a lovely sight, to be sure. Itchy. So so itchy. Allergies in the form of clogged sinus goo and coughing. I cough all night long. Which means that when I finally wave the white flag in the morning, I am a zombie.

meow meow.

I had already concluded that this would be my summer sans sun. I’ve always used sunblock but have never been a fiend about it. This year, 70 spf, sun hats, lip block…The Works! Unfortunately while camping on top of the sun last week, some of that protection slipped. Fever blister on my lip woke me up last night with the throbbing. I’m peeling on my lower back where I didn’t get spf’d. This sun rash…sheesh. Apparently I’ve developed an allergy to the sun.

This is totally a self diagnosis per the world wide web. But it fits.

I’m all cranky and pms’ing and sideways about everything this week. My house is a wreck. I haven’t been to the store. I’m out of coffee. and milk. I ate pita chips and french onion dip for dinner last night. I realize all of this supports the yuck I’ve been feeling and that it all stems from just being so tired…even when I take a pill I’m not sleeping.

But Ive got work at the salon today, bartending tonight. Squeezing in time with the family somewhere. Same thing tomorrow.

I’m just hoping that the cough will go away. I’m medicating with Mucinex and Vit C. I’ve had some Alka Seltzer Plus Cold meds too…neti pot and lots of water.

So. That’s me. I’m cranky and tired and sideways.

BUT…I’m grateful today for the little bit of rain we got. I’m grateful for getting to see my family. I’m grateful for clients and money to live.

Life really is good.

Happy Friday.

2 thoughts on “Worn.

  1. I recommend acupuncture for all of it. Also, I got one of those skin rashes last year from my sunscreen. Be sure you’re not allergic to your sunscreen. Isn’t that the most retarded thing? Allergic to sunscreen. Really?!? It happens. Sending you “un-bunching cranky pants” vibes.


    1. Oh, that’s right. I remember that. They were out of our usual sunscreen, and we tried some other brand (Neutrogena maybe?), which used a couple of different ingredients and it looked like you had heat rash.


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