Day Of Rest

I slept late today. Started out in my bed, and wound up in the guest bed. It just feels better. I need to clean out the mojo in my room apparently. But I did get sleep. Exhausted bone weary sleep. I got up, made coffee, sent a few emails and texts, had a few phone calls and then went to the little farmers market stand that sets up on Sunday’s by our brunch spot.

I bought fresh corn, cherry tomatos in yellow and red, a big yellow summer squash and a zuchinni. I’ve been marinating chicken breasts in my favorite tequila limeade and I’m going to fire up the grill later.

I’ve folded one load of laundry and am starting more…but yes…it’s 7pm.

Today, I napped. Long, luxurious naps. I was cranky. I was stressed. My mind was crazy racing. So after I got home, I took a xanax and rested. Fell asleep and it was blissful, mind numbing, body refreshing sleep.

Days like this make me realize that I need more days like this.


2 thoughts on “Day Of Rest

  1. The only thing better than days like that is realizing that there is not a fucking thing wrong with wanting and needing days like that.


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