Birthday Supper

I celebrated my mom’s birthday by going to my first 3D movie.

It was everything I ever wanted the movie to be, and then some. Perfect ending to what has become one of the most beloved series of books in my life. Perfect. My viewing partner was perfect as well, in that we both did the ugly cry for about the last 45 minutes of the movie. No shame. Just tears and popcorn and friendship.

I had to take my purple phone to the phone doctor today. Four trips back to the shop and I picked up my brand new replacement phone. It pays to have that 7 dollar insurance plan. I’m due for an upgrade but not until November. At this rate, I won’t need one!

I BOUGHT SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! Did you know that Staples had one amazing sale and things change each week? I got pens and pencils and paper for ONE PENNY!!! limit two. ONE PENNY FOR TWO THINGS!! The most expensive thing I bought was 5$ and it was a battery operated pencil sharpener. I got paper and folders and notecards and comp books and pens and highlighters…OH MY!!! Lord but I love supplies.

School starts in five weeks. shitthebed.

Supper was a bowl of my trial gazpacho…holycrap.

Bowl of cold soup, chopped avacado on top, with some whole wheat crunchy brown rolls to sop it up with. I also had the other half of the chicken breast I ate at lunch. Cold canteloupe and strawberries with cardamom and kids? I am in heaven!!!

It was so. stupid. good. And there is NOTHING in it that is “bad” or counts against you in any way! I’m so happy Cindy and Talaura shared their recipes with me. I glommed mine together, but it for sure won’t be the last time I make it! Perfect for these 100 plus temps!

I just had to tell you how good it was! SLURP!

6 thoughts on “Birthday Supper

  1. When Cindy makes gazpacho we decide if it’s hot enough outside to eat it, otherwise we save it for a day or two until we know it’s going to be a scorcher because you really need it on those days, you know.


  2. Cardamom is my spice of choice. Yogurt. Everything.
    Gazpacho… we made it in culinary school. No likey. So you might need to share the recipe. Its so hot. I don’t want to eat.
    School… back to school! Oh what fun! What joy! So proud of you!
    Can’t wait for all the new people and learning and fun. You’ll find a Mr Tabor!


  3. The second batch will be even better and no batch is ever the same twice. At least that’s what I’ve noticed when I make them up as I go. School supplies! It kind of make me want a new lunch box.


  4. Audra, I’m surprised you didn’t like it…I’ll email you the variations of what the three of us do and you can make a batch of your own. Seriously. It’s so cold and good. It’s the perfect food for this weather.

    I want you all to know, I don’t think I would be doing this grad school thing without you. . . you got me going, kept me motivated, celebrated, encouraged. Love you. xoxo


  5. I am a lover of all things found in the office supply store. Some of us were just born with this passion. I’m so glad you have such an awesome reason to be shopping the office supplies!


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