Snack for Thought

There is a moment, in the HBO movie Grey Gardens, where Little Edie says to Jackie Kennedy…”it could have been me…it SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME…”

The moment ends on an upnote, with a little promise and a little snicker between Big Edie and Little Edie…but there is a truth to that line, resonating with such…grief over what should have been, what her life Could have been…

It breaks my heart every time I watch this story. Every single time.

Yes, it’s an amazing story, parts of it crack me up, but mostly I am struck by these lives that were once so full of promise and energy…and you see where they’ve gone…

It’s frightening, really. And a reminder that it goes by all too fast. And if one just sits around wanting, and never doing…poof! You’ve missed it. You’ve missed it and it’s too late.

So. What are you doing today…TODAY…that is moving you forward?


Forward Motion.

Just one car length ahead, a mile or two faster to get you to your destination.

Are you sitting around making plans and making lists and talking about trips and new adventures…

Or are you doing?

Little Edie’s life scares the crap out of me. It’s so easy to get stuck in blame, and shame and guilt. It’s so easy to take the…well…easy way out. And while these women are full of determination and strength…it seems they are stuck in their glory days. They are stuck.

Big Edie scares the crap outta me just because. Batshitwoman sitting in bed cooking some corn on the cob on a hotplate…Lawd.

Have a blessed day, ya’ll.



11 thoughts on “Snack for Thought

  1. I am afraid to watch the movie, any version of it. My genetics frighten me.

    I called an accompanist this week. I met some new people yesterday and am connecting a friend with social media for her new business. When I’d come in from walking the dog and a friend called to see if I was up for a dog walk last night I went anyway.

    I am a little mired but I’m pulling my boots out of the slop for one short step every day.


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