Test One Two Three…

I took my first big test this morning.

It was in my Women In Literature class.

It was wonky.

I forgot to set my alarm.

I didn’t wake up late, but I didn’t wake up as early as I wanted.

Traffic was a surly bitch this morning.

I walked into class not at my usual 10 of time slot but right on the second. . . so no mental prep time.

The first few multiple choice questions on the test were more like trivia questions. . . so with each question it became not about what bits of knowledge I’d gleaned from lecture, but about how good of a guesser I am.

The second part was matching a specific bit of text to the actual story and the author. I will be amazed if I got any wrong on this part.

The final section was two essay questions.

In the back of my mind I could hear Roger and Ma saying, “if you don’t know the what they’re asking you, tell them what you know.”

Hopefully she’ll have them graded by class on Thursday. We’ll see.

I had lunch with Kathy and we talked and laughed and tried to get caught up a little bit. We’ll be doing more of the lunching and the socializing as time permits. She loaned me seasons one through five of The West Wing. Lord. I am in heaven.

I’ve watched a few (side one of disc one) episodes, all the while picking up the house, rescuing another live bird courtesy of Sammy, folding a few clothes and sipping on some apple cider.  I’m about to go get more school work organized and read some pages for Thursday’s class while I wait for Parenthood to come on. AND I just remembered I need to take out the trash and recycle for pickup tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Test One Two Three…

  1. I remember thinking that I’d failed every test after taking them, but I usually did really well on them. Why is it we always beat ourselves up? I’m sure you did a fabulous job on that test. You are brilliant!


  2. I’m not really beating myself up. I knew the majority of it, but I don’t get a grad school test that is multiple choice and over facts best served with nuts and a cocktail. Just dont get it. Hopefully I guessed correctly!


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