No Title Friday

There’s a lot going on this weekend. For all of us. I’ve got family coming to visit, something I’ve been looking forward to for months. I’m feeling better, still a little snotty but much better. The last thing I wanted was to feel awful all weekend. So that’s good.

I managed to put the house into some sort of order, so that’s good, too.

So, I wrote to the director of the documentary I watched a few weeks ago asking if she would answer a few questions for my teaching assignment. She tweeted a response to my tweet about it (and here’s where I’ve lost all of you non social-networkers but hang with me) so I used that as an opening to just jump in and ask. I’m anxiously awaiting a response. We’ll see.

It’s the first day of Fall.

This makes me happy. Our Summer season was brutal. Horrible and brutal. Fires. Drought. Unbelievable electric bills we’re all still paying off. . . I’m glad this one is over. I’m ready to be outside, by the fire pit, in the hammock. I’m ready for the windows to be open and the breeze to flow through the house. I’m ready for the long sleeve t-shirt days. I’m happy about it.

I hope your Friday is full of blessings. I hope you can take a moment to just enjoy and feel a bit of peace through all of the crazy. After all, this is the last first day of Fall we get this year.


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