A New Week

Midterm exam today.

I feel good. I feel ready.

I left the house once this weekend, all other moments were in the house, cleaning, studying, watching West Wing, napping, Studying, snacking, reading, STUDYING.

Today. Test.

No class tonight. Major Author assignment due a week from today.

Class tomorrow. Paper thesis due.

Fall Break.

Fall FEST! Yes! It’s time for Fall Fest again. Friday night~my sis and the boys are coming. The usual suspects will show up perhaps.

I know I’m completely slammed at work on Saturday so it won’t be a long night for me.

Keeping the balls in the air, juggling…juggling…trying to be what I need to be for everyone…learning to say yes…learning to say no…compartmentalizing…risking.

A reminder why I’m doing this

Love. What. You. Do. . . do you?

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