After class yesterday, I gave myself the day off from homework.

I ran a few errands, I went and worked out, and I came home and nested.

I made sweet potato/black bean/turkey chili.  It was a crockpot thing. I just dumped stuff out of the freezer, chopped up the veg and done.

I made brown buttered chocolate chip cookies with BACON!

They were labor intensive. I bought new cookie sheets. About one batch came out perfect and I cooked them for HALF the time the recipe said. Other pans came out a little too toasty. I think next time I make them…more bacon. At the end of the day, it’s a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

I bought a new Yankee Candle while at the store. Autumn Wreath.

Lord, but I love a house that has the smells of a home…simmering soup, cookies, candles.

I took a little time to re-figure my grade in YA Lit. I’m sitting on a high B right now. Hopefully the midterm will have brought that up. Way up. The test was good. The teacher is a little batty so I don’t know how she’ll grade the long answer/essay portions. It took me a little over 2 hours to take it. I feel confidant.

Today is a new hair day.

I’ve had the same high lift blonde for several SEVERAL years. I don’t change my hair that often as far as the color goes. Today, that changes. I’m going darker. Still blonde pieces, but my overall base color will be a dark blonde/light brown…I’ll make sure to post pictures after.

Once that’s finished I’m heading up to school and logging in some library time. The bibliography is due Monday. The library is closed Friday for fall break, and that’s fine because that’s Fall Fest and Taryn & Co are coming in for that. Saturday is a stupid busy day at work. so, it’s today, maybe tomorrow night and Sunday for the info I have to get FROM the library. It’ll be fine. (crossing fingers)

Time for one more cuppa. Have a great day, won’t you? It’s humpday, afterall.

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