Full up

Fall Break did me a world of good.

I slept in. I stayed up late watching West Wing. After the first part of the week I didn’t do any homework, didn’t work ahead. I worked at the salon, hard. Saw a lot of clients who were taking advantage of their own Fall Break.

Friday night was Fall Fest. . . And because it was such a wonky year, schedules so busy I didn’t get to do anything with Bonusmom to help. We have a tradition. Lunch, then farmers market for pumpkins, then Sam’s for the food. She got it done with help from friends, and it was a fabulous success…and I know it’s my own life that kept me from participating fully…but I was sad about it. We’ve been off our game, Bonusmom and I. We didn’t do RFTC, now this. Flop. But getting to see her this weekend was goodgoodgood.

Fall Fest was as it always is, awesome. We sit around the fire. We roast hotdogs. We drink and laugh and tell stories and burn things. The burning of things is our favorite part. The night was perfect, clear skys, cool temps, lots of stars. Darci and Delb and Audra and Co. . . so good to have facetime with them. All of the kids had fun…they’re growing up so fast. This year I do believe there was a game of truth or dare happening. Sheesh. Next year, I’ll be better about getting invites out to everyone…it’s something that shouldn’t be missed.

As usual, after fall fest, I’m geared up to have more fire nights at my own house. I love so much, sitting by the fire at night. It’s healing.

Yesterday the fam came into the salon after I was finished for the day and we did some minor cleaning up of cuts. We headed to the mall where the boys and Bonusmom headed to the Leggo store and Godiva Chocolates (they have a routine!) and Sis and I headed to the pedi place. We both got the pedicure and added the reflexology. Lord it felt good. My back has been killing me this week and that chair was a Godsend. We picked up some salad at Olive Garden then came back here to sup and play with leggos and chill out. I love just getting to hang out with the family. We looked at some of sis’ new clothes and put together some shoe ideas. We watched part of Home Alone 3 and I figured out that the chick that played Jake Ryan’s girlfriend in Sixteen Candles grew up to play the mom in that movie. We loaded everything up and said goodbyes with tentative plans for breakfast today…I’m so happy that they made the drive for the weekend. It’s a long exhausting haul, but it does my soul good.

Today…today is back to business. Today is bibliography. Today is the project that I have spent zero time on…all getting finished today. I probably should have been using the time given previously to work on this, and I’ve done tons of online research at home. But there is work to be done at the library, and after I finish this coffee and wash my face and do some laundry…that’s where I’ll be today.

But I’ll go full. Full of friends and full of family.

Hope your weekend was just as filling.

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