Dial It Down

The past week was a blur. Doctor’s appointments, advisor appointments, birthdays, art openings and plays and alumni friends, Friendsgiving. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a week so packed.

I’ve put off some homework that I’m scrambling to finish this morning, my house is a little on the messy side, my kitchen is sticky from cooking for the dinner party last night yet…I’m not panicked about it. The angst and crazy have been dialed way down…I got amazing sleep last night, and even allowed myself to sleep in until 9.

I know the meds are supposed to take awhile to kick in…but I do think they’re working. My crazy stress voices have been nearly silenced.

So that’s something.

I worry, though, that the parts of me that are creative will be silenced, too. The crazy inappropriate, bawdy, ridiculous side of me will be muzzled and I’ll just be all zombieland around here…time will tell.

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