I ended the evening with girl talk and laughter last night, and started my morning with a massage by a master therapist. He worked on spots that hurt that I didn’t even know I had. A few times I thought I was going to either cry or just punch him, but in a gawdang that feels so good kind of way.

I’ve paid my mid month bills and have a full afternoon and evening of clients tonight.

Only two gifts left to buy for the family.

Yesterday’s tests, the mammogram and the ultra sound were easy breezy. Checked that off my list.

Everything is falling into place!

Lot’s of people have been asking about my grades this semester. And lot’s of people are being so supportive and saying things like “I know you made all A’s” and the like…I don’t want to let you down but I’m telling you straight up I didn’t make all A’s. Some sort of cocktail of A’s and B’s and we’ll know about it next week when grades get posted. Either way, I learned a great deal from all three classes and feel better equipped going into next semester.

It’s turned cold again today, yesterday we were in the high 60s even 70s some places and today it’s brrrrrr rabbit.

Hope that wherever you are, you’re warm, healthy, and feeling as good as I am about life in general.


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