What’s next?

Yesterday was a long, exhausting day. It was about a 6 hour round trip excursion to say goodbye to our friend Rudy. As far as funerals go, it was nice. My heart breaks for Hope, being practically carried into the auditorium…

I got home last night and ate leftovers made by Kathy for our Golden Globes viewing party. I was so thankful that I didn’t have to cook. I scarfed it down, and vegged on my couch the entire evening, finally going to bed at 9:30. Wiped out. No homework finished, no papers written, no readings done…I just didn’t care too much.

I’m caught up this morning, and other than going from a day in the 70s yesterday to a day in the 20s today…I’m ready for it.

I’ve got class this afternoon, some bank deposits to make, bills to pay, then phone calls to make regarding insurance, and doctor bills. More reading for tomorrow’s class.

This couch and blankie and cat are looking awfully tempting. But I’m getting up. I am.



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