Juggling the Variables

Well, I did NOT get the Teacher Assistantship. Remember when I found out about applying 2 days before the deadline and then I got scared and decided to not do it and then I found some balls and decided to apply and then I had computer issues and then I had to talk to someone the next day that helped me submit all of my information?

So. I didn’t get it.

My friend is really sad about it. I’m merely Meh. That’s not true. I’m disappointed but not surprised. It would have been quite an adventure and I was starting to get excited about it, but ok. Not going to happen this time around.  It’s just another variable that I was looking at. If someone does NOT take the assistantship they were offered, it could be offered to me. Or if there are several graduates in the Fall…more variables. The thing it means, really, is that I won’t be required to take that methods class in the Fall, and my schedule will stay the same. It also means that I won’t get my tuition comped. But, I’ve got applications in for scholarships and tuition-waivers, so I’m still hoping for those to come through. If those fail, more student loans.

I have my appointment with my infamous advisor tomorrow afternoon. We’ll play with my plan of study, juggle some more variables and see if I can’t wrap this thing up in three more semesters. Boom. I’ve got some specific concerns to address, mainly my sweet, really smart professor that I think maybe has the dementia. I don’t trust her. At all. So I don’t want her anywhere NEAR my thesis committee. I know I’ve gone through all of this before here, but it helps me to remain on point. Hopefully after my meeting tomorrow, I will have less juggling and more solid stuff in my game plan.

Today, I juggle errands, must get more ink for the printer. I’ve got three papers to print off and no ink. Flop. Must get groceries. I’ve got jar foods and canned tomatos. That’s it. Need to get another book out of the library for my big fat Brit Lit paper. Going to meet a friend this afternoon for some facetime. That’s my Tuesday.

Juggling time. Juggling variables. Just juggling…


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