Displaced No More: Thankful Friday

Life has been a blur since sometime last week, perhaps before. Fun and life affirming experiences, facetime with those I love, and then the hail storm.

There are few things in this world that I hate more, than a hail storm.

I came home last night to lights on, ceiling fans turning, Kikimama sitting right in the middle of the floor underneath it. Letting out a whoop! of joy, I turned around and drove to meet Trish to give her my tickets for tonights concert. Just can’t do it. It’ll be one of my last chances to see The Lumineers for 15 bucks, because those kids are going places.

But the thought of getting tonight all to myself, in my house, makes me giddy.

I’m so thankful for the return of power. I’m thankful that the glass damage wasn’t more extensive. I’m thankful that I get off in time to come home and rake up all the debris, pick up the limbs, smooth out the chaos inside and out. I did unload the ice chest foods back into the fridge and vacuumed the carpets but that’s it. I just want to get it back into order. I’m thankful that I have the time to do that.

This week ate me. Whole. It really did. I worry about the house, about the damage, about filing a second claim in two years, about repairs. But I will figure it out.

I’m thankful for the time tonight. And for this weekend. Time to work on my paper, finish yet another class, take care of myself.

It’ll be alright in the end.

If it’s not alright…it’s not the end….right?

2 thoughts on “Displaced No More: Thankful Friday

  1. I’ve been sticking with my earlier motto of “it’s going to suck for a while, but then it’ll get better”. I should also add that I’m thankful I paid those kids to mow my front yard. That’s one less thing to tackle this weekend. Enjoy your E-leck-tri-city.


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