Day One: Travel

Yesterday was LONG.

Let me reiterate.

It was LONG.

I got up at 4 a.m. after bartending and working the night before. We got to the airport, everyone was exhausted, Wonderboy had stayed up all night. Our flight was delayed a bit because that crew had gotten in late the night before and FAA Regulations INSIST on letting those dudes rest a Full 8 Hours.

WHO gets a full 8 hours of rest these days, I ask you?

The dude flying our plane. So that was a relief and a little anxious combined It was all well. We got to Denver, boarded immediatly. I bought Wonderboy one of those neck pillows and he immediately went comatose asleep. We found our way into Midway, got our baggage, got our Metrocards (that’s what they’re called in NYC, I don’t remember the Chi name) and jumped a train into the city.

First time on a train, and Wonderboy’s immediate response was “I don’t feel too safe on this thing”

I just laughed.

It was about an hour and a half commute, and we were all worn out and HUNGRY. Dion met us at the stop and we walked a few blocks to his GORGEOUS condo overlooking Lake Michigan.

Some Lou Malnati’s was in our future, yummy deep dish buttercrust pizza, then back to the condo to just collapse. Wonderboy on my computer, Bonusmom on her nook, Me on my phone and working on WB’s iPod touch. I did watch the game, damn the loss…we’ll come back on that.

Sleep was glorious and peaceful.

It’s going to get ass hot today. Into the 90’s. We’re heading to Navy Pier, on a boat cruise, and to Michigan Ave to shop.

Wonderboy’s words yesterday were:

“I’m ready to test out some food. Pizza today, hot dogs tomorrow.”

I do believe he is blood of my blood.

Gotta hit the showers. There’s stuff to be purchased, and food to be eaten.

4 thoughts on “Day One: Travel

  1. “Test out some food.” I like the way he thinks!

    Good call on the boat cruise. If there’s a breeze you’ll catch it.

    I know you know this but I have to remind. Pretty much any time you see Dion you can lay your head on his shoulder and say it’s from me.



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