Albatross No More.

I spent about 10 hours yesterday, give or take a whining session, gathering together paperwork to submit my 2011 taxes. This has been that THING, hanging over my head all year and I’ve been head in sand about it because I know that I owe tax payments. It’s been that albatross around my neck, nagging heavily, quietly stealing into every thought, every moment. I have a plan, it just was a matter of getting everything together and submitting it. Oh, and paying for THAT service to the tune of several hundred dollars.

I have misplaced a 1099 form, so I have to locate a copy of that,  and have to fill out one last spreadsheet, then I can take it to my tax person.

It must be finished soon, because my financial aid is dependent on submitting my 2011 tax info.

Everything is connected.

I do feel better having knocked it out. With some whining on the internet and a rousing amount of support in return, I did get it finished. I’ve got everything organized so I’m going to go ahead and get 2012 up to date as well. (right? who am I???)

Homework is knocking on my door as well. I need to get caught up. I haven’t posted since I finished my paper last week. I need to start researching for the final paper as well.

But alleviating this one major thing on my back has opened room to deal with other things:

Go visit Trey at the hospital. My friend had emergency surgery for septis in his arm yesterday. It’s pretty bad, and word is, if he didn’t get to the hospital when he did, he could have died. Trey and I have hanging out nights on a regular, somewhat regular,  whenever we can. Throw some good thoughts his way, would ya?

getting my bedroom window fixed. (yeah. I know. It’s still wrapped in plastic and tape.)

paying bills.

contacting my advisors to set up meetings concerning GRE/Ph.D/Master’s Thesis.

finalizing insurance claim for the new roof.

reorganize the office.

get some butcher paper on the wall and begin my dream page.

find butcher paper…which means probably going to a craft store. . . which means I can get stuff to fix my puppets eye.

ask around about finding a psychiatrist/therapist. I’m considering therapy. I have no insurance. I have no idea how to go about finding someone that is credible and affordable. it’s such a tricky subject…I almost didn’t list it here…fear, anxiety, whatever. I’m putting it out there. How do you find someone?

I’m going to have some more coffee, wish that I lived close enough to go to my mom’s for breakfast, and get started hammering this out.

Finishing on a few good notes:

I bought another fan as an impulse buy at the grocery store this week. I’ve kept both going during the day, and haven’t had to run the a/c nearly as hard as usual. I’m happy for that.

My squash keeps producing. I really want to fry up a mess of it with some okra. Really.

I’m so excited for the Olympics to begin! I work weddings both Friday and Saturday night, so will have to watch the dvr’d version, but I don’t care.


6 thoughts on “Albatross No More.

  1. Hey girl–This may sound strange, but calling a Planned Parenthood might be a place to start your search for a therapist who works on a sliding scale. Since PP serves as many women’s only health touchpoint, they’re often equipped to answer questions/make referrals over the phone (or in person, your mileage may vary). Until then, I was an almost-competent psychology major who loves to chat and text about the Bravermans…xoxo.


  2. good thoughts to Trey.

    and get 2012 updated as well. do what I do…big manilla envelope (which I can bring you if you don’t have) big “2012 TAXES” in big colorful print placed in a prominate place so that EVERY TIME you get a piece of paper related to taxes it has a place to go. into the big colorful decorated special 2012 tax envelope! 🙂 you could add stickers and glitter if you want. see, now it’s a fun project! 😉

    yes. fried okra and squash. all day. any day. count me in.


  3. Given that I am considering being completely dependent on an unnatural state of grace… see today’s blog posting… I too should consider some form of non recreational therapy. We should pow wow.


  4. I was going to say exactly what Abby said about Planned Parenthood.

    I can’t wait to hear all about your dream page. Who’s idea was it to make a dream page? I love that idea!


    1. It was mine. I’ve wanted to do it for awhile. I want to cover a big part of one or more of my walls with the butcher paper and start writing it down, and look at it every day.


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