Cool Nest

The air conditioner was fixed yesterday, easily. So easily. There were two discoveries. Apparently something became dislodged-my guess was when the roof was being repaired- and apparently there’s been some carbon dioxide leaking into my house. It couldn’t have been much, I mean I have a home with little to no effeciency, but it’s not a sieve. There’s not a gust of wind blowing through it. And I have an alarm…

Which I discovered was out of commission because I never got it hung on the wall with the fire alarm and Kikimama peed on it. Them. Peed on them.

Alarms don’t mix with Kikimama pee.

I’m buying new ones today.

The other was just a sort of plug that had become unplugged.

“Everything in here is just awkward” says my guy.

He above anyone understands this house. Or has come to learn to not expect any understanding with this house.

BUT! It’s cool. It’s working. I don’t have to deal with replacing a unit in August.

Onwards and upwards.

I bought a case of roasted Hatch Chile yesterday and came home, skinned them, course chopped them and put them up for the winter. It was a process and by the end my hands were burning. I’ll wear gloves for the next case. After having some last winter, and haphazzardly freezing and using them, and then experiencing them for real in New Mexico this summer, I don’t ever want to go without. Ever.

Last night Michael came over for our Breaking Bad date,(IF YOU AREN’T WATCHING THIS SHOW YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON THE BEST…THE BEST THING EVER PUT ON TELEVISION) and I made green chile burgers with Hatch chile monterray jack cheese and chipotle mayo. He brought over some jalapeno and cheese buns. I made some jicima lime salad. We ate and moaned and ooh’d and aaah’d. It was the most amazing thing. I got a case of hot this time. I think I’ll mix it up and get some medium or mild for when I’m entertaining people who can’t take the heat…not that I entertain much anymore but one never knows.

I do have plans to have people over Labor Day weekend. I need to get the word out. Cindy is coming down, some college friends are coming from other parts. The weather has been just lovely, enough that a back yard night seems perfect. I think chile burgers on the grill would be perfect for that!

But first we must tackle Back To School. This time next week I’ll be in the thick of it. Trying to get my head wrapped around that by resting this week, getting things marked off my list so that I can focus. My boys in Arkansas start the same day I do. Wonderboy will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Holy shit. Wonderbaby is in PreK three days a week. I don’t even know how to process that information. I miss them. I wanted to try to get over there before school starts but with all of my weekend work, and other work…Blagh. not yet. Maybe after San Diego.

Today, I’m heading out to buy new alarms, and to get some seeds for the garden. Time to pull out the old and prep it for fall crops. I’ve got some reading to do, laundry to hang, sheets to change. I’m nesting. Prepping for the arrival of a new school year…a final school year.

I should probably watch the last two weeks worth of True Blood first.


One thought on “Cool Nest

  1. I was thinking you might have to change Wonderbaby’s nickname since he’s getting so old. I decided to riff on it, ’cause I like to help, you know me! I thought maybe Wonderbro. Then I thought wouldn’t it be cooler if we used bra for brother like the cool kids do then he’d be Wonderbra…..oh, no, no it would not be cool at all.


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