Bits and Pieces

I’ve printed off my first syllabus for the school year. My online class is The British Novel 1900-1940. This is a Block I class so it will be balls to the wall until mid-term then end. I am suddenly face to face with the break neck speed that life is moving towards with each passing day.

I will be using this blog as part of my class from time to time. Just a warning for the 5 of you that read daily. I’ll let you know when I’m posting an assignment. But I’d rather just work here, where I’m comfortable, than go build a whole new blog that won’t be used again after the class ends. I’m excited about the different types of work and projects that are involved with this class. I’m excited about the novels that I’ll read, only one that I’ve read before. Once again, I am sad that this isn’t a classroom class. After two online classes this past summer, I know that’s where I excel and relate.

Lionel Ritchie is on the Today Show.

This requires no more typing and fresh coffee.

Also, let me once again just say:

Game. of. Thrones.


4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. So freaking excited! First day of school pic?
    Game of Thrones… Josie and I need something new. Boardwalk starts again soon. I forget are you riding that train. Love Steve.
    Can’t wait for you to use blog for classwork… may be I will learn something. If not I will get to see what your writing. Win!


  2. a) I always take one…and by always I mean I did it last Fall so absolutely I will on Monday!
    b) do it. seriously. I haven’t done BE yet. one show at a time for now. GOT is amazing. bloody, but freakin awesome.
    c)I gave some thought to doing a separate blog. . .but that just seems like working harder not smarter. So we’ll just do it here. This class should be good. I’m excited.


  3. I am looking forward to your assignment posts. I probably need to learn some new things and I always appreciated the insight you added to things when we had classes at USAO together.


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