Today begins my last year working on my Masters. I am very aware of the hurdles that are ahead of me. Deadlines. Tests. Applications. Letters of recommendation. Trips. Fall Break. Ph.d programs.

I am very aware of what lies ahead.

I am very aware of what unknowns will be known this time next year.

I am a different person that I was at this time last year.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not always at peace. I’m cranky. Overworked and cranky it seems every weekend. It’s my choice. I choose to work every weekend. I chose not to give myself time to go to Arkansas before school started. I wish I hadn’t but that’s what I did. I wish I had planned a weekend to spend with friends this month but I’m working and that’s my choice. I’m focused on the reason for savings and full speed ahead. My cranky hangs out some, but hopefully the peace replaces it and it’s easier to be around me.

It will be better in September because I know I’ve got time with Cindy and friends planned, I’ve got family time in California planned. October brings Harvest Fest at Fall Break, right after mid-term.

Today however, is a day of firsts.

First day of school and for many, a new school. My girls in Florida are navigating around a place they’ve been for 14 days. I have no doubt that they will shine bright, but I’m nervous for them. Wonderboy begins his adventures in middle school today. Not gonna lie, I cried a little about him this morning. That’s a big damn deal.

They will all survive. To be sure. But that first step into the unknown is always a bitch, isn’t it?

It’s time to get up, pack my backpack with fresh supplies, (FRESH SUPPLIES!) and run to Walgreens. I’m completely out of shampoo. The irony is not lost on me. Noon class today then meetings with advisors, working online (Remember I’m going to be using this space to post assignments for class from time to time) then my night class.

It’s time to leap.

It’s time to begin. again.

3 thoughts on “Beginagain

  1. I feel kind of similar. I feel like I’m just barely here and that all I’m doing is moving from one day to the next in a count down for Labor Day weekend.

    I picture you with pig tails and shiny new shoes and your backpack. Don’t forget your lunch. If I had made it, I’d put a special note inside reminding you that you are awesome.


  2. You will learn soooo much and grow soooo much. It will be scary and fun and wonderful. You will be wonderful. Knock their socks off!


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