Blergh. Blink.

I swear, I can feel my brain throbbing.

It’s swolled up.

Too much thinking. Too much reading. Too much staring at the computer.

I have two novels to read. One by Sunday night, and I’ve already started it. One by Monday. I’ve got a story to read for my thesis by Monday. As well as another chapter in my lit crit book.

Tonight, however, I’ve put on my soft clothes. I’ve eaten my crockpot green chile slurry. I’ve got Newsroom playing in the background. I’m going to lie on the couch until the knots in my neck start to dissolve, and then I’m going to bed.

I have a feeling that this semester is going to be a lot of lather-rinse-repeat of this blog post.

One thought on “Blergh. Blink.

  1. This is your workout. You are building your brainy muscles marathon by marathon. Holy crap I can’t believe how much reading you’re doing!


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