Sunday or A Few Hour Weekend

I just finished my homework for class tomorrow. It is a huge relief.

Now it’s time to start another novel for Brit Novel, read my Lit Crit pages and find time to read my homework for my thesis meeting.

I finished the novel Hope Leslie, and tagged it accordingly today. It was a lot for one day. I’m going to have to reorganize my weekend hours better. Next week is my final bartending shift for awhile, I’ve got two in September and then I’m finished. Next week is also Labor Day weekend, so there will be social gatherings. It also means Monday off, so that will help make up for time spent enjoying life.

Tonight, for a minute or 90, I’m taking a break. Enjoying my Sunday night tv. Pizza and chocolate cake with Michael and Breaking Bad.

Tomorrow I have some calls to make in regards to house repairs, and I may have to go get a new backpack. ANOTHER new backpack.

Damned Kikimama peed on mine this morning.

The one I bought LAST WEEK.

We’ll see if I got to it in time with the cleaning stuffs.


2 thoughts on “Sunday or A Few Hour Weekend

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a behavior/environment thing. the week was busy. there was stuff on the floor where I dropped it. nothing got picked up. the litter box wasn’t swiped daily. it seems like these elements all combine to create the perfect piss storm and I am in control of all of the elements and frankly…they get away from me. I try. I still need some natures whatsit. Hope to find time to get that tomorrow.


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