I’m Ready

I’m ready for a long weekend. And by long weekend, I really mean weekend. I’m booked back to back all day at the salon today, and I think tomorrow is busy, too. Saturday however, is a pleasure.

Cindy arrives tomorrow night. I’ll be bartending (my last gig till the end of Sept) when she arrives but she’s got a key to Brokedown Palace and can make her way accordingly. Saturday I get up and go to the salon for a titch of hair banging, then I’m finished. I took the afternoon off.

She and I have groupon massages booked. Thirty five bucks for ninety minutes of massage? Yes please. We both need one. We’ll then gather the necessary provisions and return back to the house and get things ready for our friends to arrive. I’m going to grill some burgers and hot dogs and lay out the tables and fill the ice chests and light the tiki torches and play some music and we shall all just sit and relax. (I won’t sit and relax. There’s going to be 20 people at my house. But most everyone will sit and relax. That’s the goal)

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for days. Knowing we get a break from class, (but not from assigned homework or reading) knowing I get to see Cindy and our friends, it’s been a beacon on the calendar. Just one day closer to the weekend. One day closer to the weekend.

I have completely forgotten that football begins Saturday! Woot! Finally football season! College season is usually lost on me because of the working, but I like to watch and get excited anyway. I wonder if this time next year I’ll have another school to cheer for? I wonder…

Have a great day. Enjoy your weekend. I’ve got an hour to get ready and get to work. Peaceout, ya’ll!

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