I’m behind this week, on reading my Virginal Woolf book and posting, on writing, on two group projects…I’m not leaving my house after work tomorrow and I’ll get caught up but man oh man I hate this feeling.

It’s the feeling I always had about two or three weeks into Algebra, or any other math class, and I’d get behind and then I’d just say fuckit, and set my goals on fire and walk away. Then stress at the end of the semester.

I don’t want to do that. If I set anything on fire it’ll be the two bags of trash/bills/papers that are waiting in the office for the burn ban to be overturned.

It’ll happen. I’m READY to read and write. I just have to do some hair first.


Yesterday, a long awaited thing happened. The Listen To Your Mother Videos went live. All 10 cities that participated in the 2012 show, individual stories by men and women across the country, talking about motherhood in some vein are showcased. It’s a beautiful thing. I cannot wait to watch them all. 

I remember when Elizabeth told me about it. I had a piece that I thought would work, but it was wordy and clunky. I IMMEDIATLY emailed Bill Guy, (my HS English teacher, friend, spirit guide) and said HELP ME EDIT THISwehavetwodaysbeforeit’sdue. And he did. Kindly and gently he took things out, made suggestions for rewrites. We carved and carved and out came the piece that I sent in to be considered for auditons.

I got a call back, moved appointments and drove to Northwest Arkansas to read for two ladies who had great welcoming smiles. One of them was wearing the same Toms wedges that I was so…you know…shoe karma! Woot!

I was accepted into the show. It became profound experience in my life.

I am even more convinced than EVER that Oklahoma City should be included in the cities participating next Spring. I want this for my state. It’s a beautiful experience that is also a fundraiser for local charities. Good things come from this. Good things for everybody.

I leave you with the video of my reading. There is something very revealing about actually being on youtube, reading about your failed relationships and unused uterus. This place is a safe place. It was really…well just scary, doing it live. Totally worth it. It’s not just my story. There are many others like me, living a life in this way. Validation. That feels good, always.

I send out a special thanks to Bill, and to Elizabeth. For without them, this wouldn’t have happened.

I send out much love and thanks to those women listed…profound love.

With each child’s name, I thought Ohhh I haven’t seen him/her in way too long. I miss them! I also have new names to add to that, new faces that I love. But this list, it stands.

Have a great weekend! If you can…call your mother. Tell her that you love her. And thank her for not wringing your neck when you were growing up.

2 thoughts on “Revealed.

  1. Oh my gosh girl…I don’t know which I was doing more-laughing or crying! This was absolutely beautiful again!! You are such a blessing in my life!



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