Post For Class*

I’m getting my post up for class last week, a few days late. I talked to my prof, though and he said it’s ok. Last week was A Passage To India. Have you read this?

It’s one that I am most def going to put on my shelf, and grab when I’m not under such crazyass time restrictions. I’ve always been interested in India, in the culture and in the people.

This is the story of two friends, and Englishman and an Indian man, and we take a look at the question that begins the book which is, “can these two people be friends, considering the culture differences, the political clashes, the caste system, considering all of that, can they be friends?”

I’m going to leave it to you to answer that question.

In a sidenote, my H.S. English teacher, who was an amazing tour guide this weekend, highly recommends the movie that was made based on the book. Put it in your Netflix queue.

Next up for class?

Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

I will fit in a little more with the 50 Shades of Grey plane readers on this flight. The last time, I was reading an overview of Literary Criticism while the lady next to me was getting into the first in the series.

One thought on “Post For Class*

  1. I remember seeing the majestic movie version when it first came out. Glorious film, really dense. I often wonder if I should read the book. I often find Indian lit really dense and hard to get through. I’m putting it in my GoodReads for inspiration now.


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