Hunker Down*

That whole concept of easing back into reality after a vacation is bunk. It just is. There’s no easing. There’s nothing soft and cuddly and nurturing about it. It’s a big bucket of ice cold water thrown on you while you’re in your snuggly comfy bed.

Anyone else? Anyone? Just me?

Because yesterday was one of those “I will try to eat you” days.

I’m behind in my classes. I’ve got mounds of reading to be finished by tomorrow and by Sunday. There is a paper that is to be written next week. The GRE is looming and I’ve yet to crack a study book. I’ve got to got to got to got to tie up the loose ends on the insurance stuff for the house. I did a bit before I left, but now is the time for the rest of it. Bills are piled, banking is waiting, work starts back today but only with a few clients which is good because my car is on the brink.

I left night class last night to a car that didn’t start. It was the same deal as in July. But my battery was brand new since the July episode so, that made me wary. I had a helpful guy jump it, and it started but then quit once he drove off. The campus police, 30 minutes later, arrived. It was the same guy that helped me this summer. I wasn’t sure, until he opened his mouth to ask if I had a husband/boyfriend/brother to help me with this. I’m not sure how it is a valid question since if my answer would have been ‘yes’ clearly that asshole can’t manage a car either so JUST JUMP THE CAR. Ugh.

The stereo and all the dashboard lights went wonky. The consensus seems to be alternator issues. Perhaps spark plugs? Do cars even have spark plugs anymore? It makes sense. I’ve had this car, brand new since 2007, and have never had to have any work done. I should have taken it in for tune ups, but who has that kind of money? If it’s working, it’s working! *maybe this is where the husband/boyfriend/brother would have come in handy, but I doubt it unless they were paying for it.* So I’ve got the name of a few  mechanics. I just attempted to start it and it did, so I think I can make it to the salon. I do have emergency roadside service on my insurance, so whatever happens it’ll work out.



I had such an amazing time this past week. San Diego was beautiful, even if we were in the throes of a record-breaking heat wave. The poor kids’ had planned this wedding for a year and a half, outdoors at a beautiful venue and damn if it wasn’t 104 degrees. The weather calmed down, the marriage took place, we were all still together and laughing at life. That’s the best thing about this family. My cousins and I, the thing we do best? Is laugh.

This trip was a good one on several aspects. My dad and his wife were there. She had never met any of the family and that seemed to go well. MeMe was there, and everyone seemed to get along and act like grownups. I held my breath on more than one occasion, just waiting for the shoe to drop and everything to just go to hell. It did not. Even the goodbyes were beautiful. Hugs and I love you’s abound. I myself held it together on the goodbyes…until I got on the plane and then I just hid my face and let the tears flow.

I cried not only because I was sad to leave, and just on principal hate goodbyes, but for all of the good that took place. Personally, I got to go to the San Diego Zoo. For years I’ve wanted to go. To see the koalas. To just be at that zoo. The animals were amazing.

that’s a video I tried to embed. Click on the middle of the panda to watch him go to town with that bamboo.

I wanted to see the ocean and have fish tacos and see Miramar and sing the Top Gun theme song in my head. All of these things I did. I got to soak up puppy Buster loving–grrrrr grrrrrrrr–it was awesome.

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good good boy? Grrrrrr Grrr

The temps did calm down and I just enjoyed the perfect weather and the palm trees. They really are quite spectacular when you look at them, really look at them.

It was perfectly perfect.

But now, now it’s time to just hunker down and get back into this fiercely paced life that I live.  There are wonderful things on the calendar coming up, wedding showers, a wedding that I’m in (note to self, make alteration appointment, find shoes) and so much stuff going on with school. Harvest Fest is looming on the horizon, and that is the thing that I’m living for. Those days in between now and then, those days will be filled of fun laughing memories of this trip and dreams of more to come.

Happy Day.

*Hunker Down is a favorite phrase of this part of my family. It’s how my dad taught all of us to water ski, or wakeboard and in turn how my cousin taught all of his friends to wakeboard. You just have to hunker down, push through the gallons of water coming at you, and eventually you will be up and on top of it all. Hunker down, yo.

La Jolla. If you look closely, you’ll see the seals!

2 thoughts on “Hunker Down*

  1. Having a husband/boyfriend does not mean that your car will have regular tune ups or oil changes. Trust me. Chris was the least mechanical person in this team of ours. It is most likely the alternator (rebuilt alternators are cheaper).

    Sending you extra backbone strength to put up with all of this. All will be well.


    1. Yeah, exactly! This is my point. Even if I was going to answer yes to that question, clearly it makes no difference because DUH. We are still here in this moment with a car that is dead. Dumbass fake policeman. Just F-ing start the car little man, and I’ll take it from there.


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