koyaanisqatsi = unbalanced life **post for class**

Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi Indian word for unbalanced life.

Koy. Ahn. Us. Caught. See.

Life out of balance.

Today was a perfect example of that and while I was posting homework posts regarding Lady Chatterly’s Lover, that word popped into my head.

At USAO for undergrad, we had a class called Mindwalking. I remember talking it out, brainstorming the class with Ma. Ann. She was the department head as well as my mentor as well as my friend and spirit guide. There’s too much to talk about in regards to that class, but I think we’ll work on that. Maybe I can talk Cindy and Sarah into writing pieces about it too. But anyways, we watched the movie Koyaanisqatsi in that and I’ve never forgotten it. It’s mindbending.

For tonight though, for my class posting, I’ll use it as a connector to the literature. One of the running themes in this novel is intellectuality versus sexuality. For the characters it’s an all or nothing life…until it isn’t, and that opens up an entirely new can of worms for them to deal with.

It’s that way with me, too. With all of us, isn’t it? When we are too heavy on the work and not enough play, when there’s way more carbs than there is protein, when the gin takes more space than the tonic…


The novel is a good one. I’ll revisit it in my lifetime. The words published in that book were scandalous. Thereto-for unpublishable. It’s an interesting look at social class…once again it gives insight to a life with class differences and what happens when they merge…when the gap is closed. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a book to read as well.


Today is my one day of weekend. I slept in till about 8:30, had coffee, began putting together the things I needed for the wedding shower later in the afternoon. I Facebooked a bit with my friends, and watched CBS Sunday Morning. I took out the trash and recycle and spoke with the contractor, who is working on the rent house next door, about building a handrail on my porch before the winter season. I picked up a bit around the house, and then got ready. I met Audra to get the delicious cupcakes she made for the shower, paid her then zoomed to Target then to Emily’s where it was time to build the cheese platter and start the shower. I got to see my friends. For two hours I got to see the girls and talk and laugh. It was an event full of strange emotion and awkwardness but that is another post, too. Everyone made plans to go somewhere after, as well as set a date for a girls night next month. The whole time, in the back of my head, was a running list of things I needed to finish tonight. Homework postings. Readings. Studying for my timed writing that I’m making up from my vacay. Kitchen is a mess. Must get bridesmaid dress fitted tomorrow. Have no set time for that as the lady never called me back. Shoes for that. Invites out for another thing. Start research for paper tomorrow. Read Lit Crit before class.



Life Out Of Balance.

Finding a way to balance the gin with the tonic…well that’s just a measurement isn’t it?

Seeing friends more than once every 10 weeks…it’s a matter of time management.

Being wholly present in this life and recognizing when the measurements are off, when the scale is tilting and we need a little more relief to balance it out. We need some balance.

For the characters in the book…well there were lessons to be learned.

For me as well.

I don’t see a way out until it’s over.

I think that’s what Lady Chatterly thought as well.

4 thoughts on “koyaanisqatsi = unbalanced life **post for class**

  1. I really liked the movie by the same name and bookmarked it recently. Did NOT know the meaning of the word. I will definitely rewatch the movie soon. Also, in recent self exploration and contemplation of what I think to be generalities in humans, intellectuality vs sexuality have been very much a repeating theme and consideration for me. Now I’m intrigued to read the book as well. There ya go. Double inspiration.


  2. Mind walking is the one class I wanted to take and could. Conflict of schedules. Too many hours, etc. I need to add the book and movie to my list then we need to have our own “class”


  3. That’s a good word to remember. Some times an unbalanced life just happens. Add some here, take away there and eventually the scales get re-balanced. I didn’t take Mind Walking. It probably just feels like I did because I was always around for the after class discussions. I took it by proxy.


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