Brain Break

I took a brain break this weekend.

I worked at the salon, laughed and cried with clients, spent time with my Mr. and Michael, ate burn your face off salsa, picked out and decorated my tree, hung lights on the house (really just watched while he did the work) spent time in Norman celebrating his mom’s birthday with his family, spent an amazing night with our friends eating delicious food and being all aglow while we watched Brad and Mark play and sing. (mandolin and guitar, respectively)

It was really a lovely lovely break.

Today I slept.

Seriously, I slept most of the day. I recognize that I’m exhausted. Mentally. So I gave myself the day. Tonight, I’ve got the candles burning, bread making, opted to call a pizza for dinner instead of cook and am back to hitting the books.

Tomorrow at 11am I have my first “final.” It’s really just a continuation of our coursework, with some added opportunity to write for extra points. I’m going early to get blue books, and will probably just stay on campus and work on studying for the Lit Crit final at 5:30.

It’s the time of the semester when I go from stressing over everything to giving myself “The Talk.”

–“it’s okay if you don’t get A’s.”

–“you’ll still get accepted to a program if you don’t have a 4.0”

–“it doesn’t make you a bad student to get a B”


It’s anyones guess, really at this point. I’m not stressed. After last week, I don’t think I have any left. I’m tired. I know I need to get to actively finishing my program applications. I think, if someone offered me a full ride with assistantship and the best possible ph.d package…I don’t know if I’d take it. I just…don’t know.

I’ll jump off of that bridge next week.


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