Scheduling Out The Holiday

Last night Mark and I went through the holiday, day by day, and scheduled it all out. His brain needs that kind of parameters, and to some extent, so does mine. I’m saddened, in that his entire 11 day’s off are just booked. Booked. There is very little time for us to just be lazy. Between family and friends, and celebrations, and traditions…I was a little…not stressed…but I felt overextended last night just looking at what we’ve got coming our way.

Trying to organize indoor parties w/o the room of the outside is making me a little nuts, working on our shopping list and getting things wrapped…that doesn’t stress me out at all. I’m enjoying that part. But it’s another thing to be done.

I’ve got some house prepping to do, the guest room that will hold Cindy has been my walk in closet for several months. When I tore it apart to get the mattress topper for Jack and Sarah, I never fully put it back together. Add clean clothes and various sundries and whatnots on top of all that and it becomes clear why the door has been closed for weeks and weeks. I need to haul out the christmas decor containers. The back room is claustrophobic. These things need to happen maybe tonight or tomorrow between shopping.

Our Christmas begins Friday with the arrival of the Arkansas coalition, which moves right into Christmas Adam, Christmas Eve, Christmas, trip to Arkansas (depending on the weather) squeezing in time with Norman people, a gathering of sorts here at the house, our first LTYM director/producer meeting, New Years Eve, New Years..then boom. back to work.

I dont’ know if I’m going to do my New Year’s Day Open House this year. Honestly, Im not motivated to do the work, to spend the money, to do any of it. Not really. But I think it’s because I’m tired and need a break. It’s coming. I know it’s coming.

Grades were posted yesterday.

I no longer have a perfect 4.0. I got a B in Literary Criticism. I’m better with it today than I was yesterday. I told Mark, I just feel like I let everyone down. But I know that’s foolish. I’m fine. One B on my Master’s transcript in a class that historically is known for not giving A’s…I’m okay with that. I needed to learn the lesson about perfection.

It sounds like I’m complaining about the busy…I’m not. I’m ever thankful for friends and family and especially for Mark. Working on our lists, working out our schedules, combining holiday time with his family and mine…it’s a different thing this year but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

A friend of mine yesterday was in the salon. We’ll see him Saturday night at the comic show and he asked,” are you bringing him to get our approval?”

“no. not even close. I could care less if anyone likes him.”

And that’s true. I’m not looking for approval from anyone. It’s nice when it happens, but it’s not a requirement.

This is our time. Our life we’re forging. And it’s fantastic. Tonight we begin to finish our shopping for family and friends. Lists and more lists have been made. I like it.

Hope your Wednesday is good…just a few more days, and everyone gets a break.

3 thoughts on “Scheduling Out The Holiday

  1. Man. The B. I’m so glad you see you must make peace with this. It’s such a small blip in the grand scheme of all that you have accomplished this last semester alone, not even considering what you’ve managed since you first enrolled. Which sometimes to me seems like yesterday and sometimes seems like FOREVER ago! I wonder if you feel the same.

    The planning with Mark sounds really exciting to me. You’re like a big yellow MERGE sign on the highway entrance! Zoom on, Friend!

    Oh, and you really should consider letting yourself off the hook for New Years Day.

    Love y!!


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