Pausing for a Station Identification

I’ve been working on Listen To Your Mother this past week and a half. Securing a venue was what I thought would be one of the easiest steps in our process. Turns out, I thought incorrectly. I’m amazed at how many places here just don’t want to do business, to take my money, to give any kind of customer service. Amazed.

No worries though. Today is a brand new day, there is another list to work through, I’ve got a meeting set with our platform that is Infant Crisis Services this afternoon. Things are coming along nicely. We’ll be prepared to begin accepting submissions by the first of next month, our audition and rehearsal space is secure, this fabulous team that I’m working with is just clicking and ticking and supporting so well it’s chill-inducing.

Yesterday I sent a random text to Heather, and was met with the most fabulous supportive words in return. I KNEW she was one of the nice ones! I knew it last year, I know it this year. Julie has been turning and burning and sending information to us from her corner of the thin mint world. Thank the LORD for technology. Seriously.

I’m THIS CLOSE to being finished with my applications to ph.d programs. I will overnight both envelopes probably tomorrow to ensure they are in the proper place by Tuesday.

The uncertainty of it all is kind of wearing on me. Not having answers is, for me, an uncomfortable experience. It seems like this is the year that everything is up in the air. The year of The Question.

What’s next after graduation? What’s next? Are you going to move to Norman with Mark? Are you going to still do hair? Will you take your cats? What about the cats? Does his house have enough room for your stuff? Are you going to stay at your salon? What will you do if you’re driving to Stillwater every day? Will you sell your house? Will you rent it? Will you just drive from wherever you’re living or move there? Are you going to try to adjunct teach between graduation and the fall? What if you don’t get accepted to either program? What will you do then?

These are all questions that have been asked of me. Not even by MY own voices either! And my answer is the same.

I. Don’t. Know.

And any of you that know me know that a trigger spot in my psyche is stability. Security. Don’t we crave those things we feel like we haven’t had? Or want it in another form? So this…limbo…is an interesting place to find myself. There’s a lesson to be learned here…for sure.

Here are the things that I DO know.

I’m going to apply to programs and then start walking in faith. Don’t roll your eyes at me. You don’t have to have any faith in anything. This is my deal, right? šŸ™‚

I’m going to begin to entertain ideas, possibilities of adjunct teaching.

I worked really hard to get my cosmetology license so I don’t intend to let it go anytime soon.

Hair is the only thing bringing in money right now. I have no intentions of quitting that anytime soon either, though the endgame is to NOT retire from this industry.

I grew up in El Reno. I drove at least 40 minutes on any day to get anywhere. I have a good car. If I’m driving, well people commute every day. I’ll get a better radio. Motor on.

When the time comes to decide about this house, and I’ve been told that right NOW is the time to sell…I’ll let you know. I’ve had people approach me about renting it. Or I could sell it. No advancement has been made in this area and until that happens, the cats and I are all just fat and sassy at Brokedown Palace. Home of the continuous catnap and occasional meltdown.

If I don’t get accepted to any program…we’ll just jump off of that bridge when we come to it, won’t we?

Right now I’m working on finding a venue. I’m gearing up for classes to begin next week. I’m re-routing my brain to start multi-tasking, managing time to the best of my ability and focusing on the tasks at hand this semester.

Right now, I’m loving being in love. I really don’t want to be anywhere else. It’s a lovely lovely thing to have such support, such ease, such laughter. I think that we’re easing into that steadfast secure place, and that just feeds my soul. Securely. Seriously. I know you’re rolling your eyes now, but I just would rather be in the same room with him, than anywhere else.

Right now, I’m looking forward to seeing my sister for our girls weekend on the 19th, I’m happy that I cleaned out some closets and found an entire rubbermaid tub of jeans that I haven’t been able to wear in about a year and a half. They all fit. Whaaaa???

Right now, I’m grateful for this day, I’m happy for this coffee, and I’m blessed to have the time to get things marked off of my list.

LTYM:OKC will come together and I can’t wait to tell you all of our details. Have I told you to keep checking our website? It’s here:

Keep checking for specifics because that’s where we’ll be announcing them!

I’m going to pause now, for some more coffee, and a 250 calorie breakfast. I’m kind of loving those Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. . . where the Sun Guy gives the granola to the birds and gives the dieting girl the sandwich and then the world is right again? That one. They’re not to bad!

Happy Thursday ya’ll.

2 thoughts on “Pausing for a Station Identification

  1. FYI…I did not roll my eyes once. ESPECIALLY on the part about preferring to be in a room WITH him there ratehr than without him. It’s good. It’s so so good.


  2. I love the Sun Guy. He was the highlight of my first BlogHer conference. I got to have my picture taken with him and he is the sweetest man.

    And it’s ok to not know every thing.


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