Girlchat Over A Bonfire

So that test was a fabulous disaster.

But my thesis/paper topic was a Good! and my projected research is a Good! so that was a win. And the test only counts 10% of my grade, and let’s be honest. I didn’t deserve a good grade. It did show me where I need to refocus my efforts for Tuesday’s essay exam and that’s also a win in my book.

I went to work, and turns out that was EXACTLY what I needed. My first (and only) client is also a friend. She listened to me word vomit about nixing my thesis, adding the comprehensive exam, doing that with less than a week’s notice, the conference, how I despise the English Academics, my fears of spending the next five years in a program where I’ll have to do nothing but that stuff, associate with no one but those people. How I was ready to throw it all in and be the worlds most fully educated hair stylist and just say F-it all straight to hell.

I felt so much better after talking to her.

Then, I sat around the salon for another hour and a half talking to my girlfriends/co-workers.

It seems we could all of us set some shit on fire this week.

On. Fire.

I said I could dropkick a cat. Or a baby. Right over the rainbow.

And it would feel good.

Stupid hormones.

I mean STUPID hormones.

And just like that, comparing stories, laughing at how hateful awful we all are, just like that…

I felt relief.

It’s all about community, isn’t it? Sharing your stories? Finding power in our voice, whether we trust it or not?

It’s the same underlying theme of Listen To Your Mother.

It’s about community.

and not feeling alone in your experience.

Today was our final day to accept submissions***

I’ve read a few of them.

There is power in the word.

Be it spoken around the reception area at work, or written on paper.

I cannot WAIT to share this with you.

Until then, I’ma pour myself another jelly jar of wine, and go watch some more Shakespeare movies on the Youtubes. That Tom Hiddleston is delish.


***I’ve been known to give an extension or two on the deadline. In case you were thinking of submitting.

3 thoughts on “Girlchat Over A Bonfire

  1. Gawd. You make me laugh. Yep, sometimes we all just need to laugh and cry and cuss a little. Does wonders for perspective.

    Hey, I know you are crazy busy beyond belief, but if you find yourself at loose ends Spring Break time, you and Mark should come down. Dinner and poke sticks in a fire, though I figured you were traveling then.


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