What IS A Weekend?

And then it was Monday…

More and more I’m of the same mindset of the Dowager Dutchess:

Because I work Saturday, Friday nights aren’t really “Friday nights”, and Mark is busy with the PAS and the Depot shows, most every Sunday. In a few weeks, the Summer Breeze series will begin. Then it’s Monday and he’s off to the salt mines and I’m (for a few more weeks at least) doing homework, laundry, cleaning, chores, banking, grocery shopping, and all other duties as assigned before the week begins again.


This “weekend” was a packed one.

Friday night we saw Kelly McRae in a house concert. Do you know this amazing singer/songwriter? She and her husband threw everything into their VW van about two years ago and started traveling the country with their music. This is the second house concert I’ve seen of hers and was just as floored by the sheer talent the second time as I was the first. Put her on your radar. She’s worth the effort to go see live. 

Saturday was spent watching some of my friends in a play. This is a new theatre company that is producing/workshopping/supporting original works. I’m so proud of them and their commitment to bringing new work to our theatre scene. I’m also really thankful to be able to get out, support their art and not be mired down by school. This show was pretty damned funny. I think you’ll see it published at some point.

I have to say, though, it was todays agenda that rounded out the weekend.

Heather, Julie and I met and made our first round selections for our Listen To Your Mother Show. We did a walk through of the venue, and talked a bit to our tech guy (who wasn’t supposed to be there per the event coordinator. ugh.) and I really feel good about it all. We’ve got to get a punch list set for tech, get our videographer on the same page as us, and then really…we’re set. The space is awesome. I think it’s going to work really well for us.

We moved to a restaurant and started delving into details on sponsorship, details on PR, checking thinks, listing more things…and then we got to the good stuff.

I have to say, in the beginning I was really wary of the quality of submissions we would get. I was afraid we wouldn’t get any. Then I was afraid we wouldn’t get any *good ones. Then I was afraid we would only get the *sad ones.

I am pleased to say, my fears were for naught.

There is a beautiful variety of stories in our pile. Those that we couldn’t use, weren’t because they were *bad…they just didn’t fit the trajectory of our show.

In two weeks we’ll have live auditions and I know that really, honestly, we have material enough for two shows. So…woof.

I’m excited.

Polishing off the night with dinner and drinks and lots of girl talk with Yaya and Mandrea…I’m sitting here full.

Tomorrow is a deep deep cleaning of this house. Kikimama is peeing everywhere. I can’t even talk about her situation right now. Also, Mandrea and I have some facetime scheduled, and I’ve got some homework/work to do on my class.

What is a weekend?

Someone do tell me if you figure it out.


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