Thursday Odds and Ends

The end of Spring Break is nigh. Today I’ve got to really, finish the two assignments for next Tuesday’s class. At least, I’d really love to get them both finished, so that I can enjoy the weekend. The weather is turning to gunk, so it’ll be easy to stay inside and focused. *hopefully.

I still have some big chores on the list, but hey, I’m up. It’s 9:00 am. I’ve got until 4 before I go to work. I can totally do this.

Reading Sarah’s post this morning, she mentioned that we only have One Hard Month left of school. Yes, Spring Break is almost over, but we can do this last hard month. We can.  That was such a revelation to me. One hard month. That’s it. Really, for me, it IS it. I’m free from all things school until it is time to start studying for comps sometime in September. I’ve got to double and triple check that fact, because clearly, the information coming my way from the English department is less than dependable. But all things point to…yup. One Hard Month is all I have left. One Hard Month, then in 4 months, one hard test. again. And it’s over. I’ve been thinking about it, and I really have lost all desire to walk in any kind of graduation ceremony in December. I guess we’ll see how I feel then, but seriously. I want to walk out of that department and never go back.

March Madness begins today. It’s the first time in YEARS that I haven’t filled out a bracket. The bar does a big big thing, but I don’t participate with anything connected to that place anymore, and I didn’t get in on anyone else’s pool. That’s ok. I’m excited for our state schools, OSU plays this afternoon (as soon as I get to work) and OU plays tomorrow night. Mostly I’m super excited that my hometown friend who is the head coach of Oral Roberts University girls team has their first game in the big dance on Saturday! ESPN2 is the channel in case you were wondering! So exciting for her and her girls! GO MISTI LYNN!!! 

I’m still mulling around the idea of a big Spring garage sale. Selling some of the big ticket items in the house, getting rid of some debt. It’s a whole lotta gathering, and I wonder if I’ve got enough to matter. Thoughts on garage sales? I hate the idea of Craigslist. But I might list the piano and treadmill on it.

Listen To Your Mother final auditions are Sunday. There are no words to describe how excited I am to get the cast finalized. Seriously. So. Excited. I feel like all of the other cities are way ahead of the game, and I’m ready to join the party. Our Facebook group is abuzz with all kinds of news and notes. This really is a well oiled machine. Pretty impressive. I can’t wait to bring it to Oklahoma. Heather and Julie have been working tirelessly, and we are all gearing up to work even harder these next few weeks.

Hey, do you guys remember Shawn Mullins? This guy?

Mark (along with the PAS) is bringing him to Norman for a show on April 11th. Local people, why don’t you come sit with me and listen! I could use some company to hang out with at these things, and it’d be a really really great show! Come on. It’ll be fun! Get your ticket and giddyup to Norman for an evening of live music!

That’s it from me. I need more coffee, a little breakfast and to start a load of laundry. Then it’s time to hit the books!

Have one of those days where you actually recognize how blessed you are.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Odds and Ends

  1. We went to some garage sales last spring and got there a little too late. I was astonished at how much people had already paid for 2nd hand furniture. You might do really well. Enjoy these last few days however you spend them.


  2. Hang in there! I completely understand not walking on the Master’s: I was tent-camping in upstate New York during the ceremony! No regrets here!!
    Best of luck with the next month! Let me know if you come this way! Wouldn’t a Roger-Ann-Marcia reunion be great here??


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