Things I Love To Hear

It’s always a crazy life, isn’t it? I’m going ninety miles per hour, doing eleventymillion things with forty gazillion people…

I do slow down.

I do take the time to hear the words, and let them fill me up.

“come have a beer and sit with me while I work the crossword”

“quit dawdling and come to bed”

“I got a camping catalog today, we’ll look at it tonight!”

These words may seem simple, trivial, maybe they’re nothing to anyone else.

To me, they fill me with warmth. I play them on loop in my head. It assures me  that this life, this quiet life, this good life that we are building…is true and strong and real. The moments between the big trips and concerts and productions…those quiet moments together are more meaningful to me than anything.

In the moments of crazy, when I begin to doubt…I seek solace in these words.



I love you.

What do you love to hear?

3 thoughts on “Things I Love To Hear

  1. I know. Sometimes I see pictures of friends out going to concerts, plays,exotic vacations, all these things that look so fun. And for a minute I think *SIGH*, but then I sit on the porch in the sunshine and watch my son on his skateboard and drink a beer with my husband and talk about how pretty the lilacs will be this summer and know I live a real and true life. When the men in my life say lets go for a walk today its so pretty, or come on its movie time mom heres some popcorn, or hugs, thats my beautiful life…


  2. Sometimes if Jack wakes up in the night, halfway and not all the away awake, he reaches over and pats me and says ” I love you”. Pause. Snoring resumes. I like that in his brief moment of coherence, his thought is love.

    I like that you are happy, love, and are loved in return. It Reassures me that things do go right in the world.


  3. Love the comments by Suz and Sarah!

    The other night, Jason paused the show we were watching, got up, walked to the kitchen for something and as he passed me, he said, “You are so pretty. I wish you knew how pretty you really are.” I looked up and he was staring at me. All in the midst of us eating dinner and watching a Numb3ers rerun.

    So I hear ya. I do. Grand gestures are in the eyes of the beholders!

    And as Sarah said, I love that you are being loved well and loving well in return.


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