Sunday Potential

Our cast got to meet for the first time today. It was a last minute schedule on my part, and I will do things differently next year. However, most everyone made it. We had boxes of delicious pizza from Hideaway. We had some mimosas. We had some chex mix and brownie delight that I will dream about tonight. (Thanks Erika!) We covered some business things like social media, staying in contact with the group, communications, posters, ticket sales, performance day clothing…

But mostly we talked.

We talked and laughed and felt the excitement begin to build towards this thing we are creating. I’m so excited for our next meet up in two weeks. That’s when we’ll share our stories. We’ll stand strong in our vulnerability and we will all know what it is, this Listen To Your Mother Thing, and we will begin to prepare ourselves for what it is to be a part of something like this.

I’ve said it so many times I feel sure that it falls on deaf ears by now. Eyes roll, snark comes. But this group of people have stories that are going to just knock your ding dang socks off. I love the energy that they bring to the table.

We’ve got support and networking and advice flying. We’ve got potential new bloggers, and potential new friends and . . . potential. We’ve got that in abundance.

It feels strange to be in my house today. It’s gorgeous outside. I’ve got numerous chores that need to be done here. I’ve got a paper to finish and turn in by Tuesday at 2:00 pm. I’ve been to the store and bought exactly four things: toilet paper, beer, moist cat food and pretzel chips. I paid my house payment and a credit card payment (I know it’s late. I’m broke, ok?) I got an extension filed on my taxes. I’ll tackle those after the paper…that I’m not writing right now. I need to finish writing my own LTYM piece, and work again the show order, the program design, the sponsor emails, the punchlist for the final three weeks before the show.

But here’s what I’m going to actually do.

I’m going to sit here. In this quite house with the windows raised and the fans blowing. I’m going to have some cold beer and just think about this cast and this show and what it is that I can do for both of them so that they may reach their highest potential.



*do you have your tickets to our show? Have you decided who you’re going to bring? Your mom, your sister, your aunt, your husband, your barista, your banker or your babysitter? You’ve got three weeks. Don’t be the one who has to wait until 2014 to see a LTYM show. 

3 thoughts on “Sunday Potential

  1. I have my ticket! I’m bringing my Momma! And we are PUMPED! I ain’t gonna wait until 2014 to experience this show! We will celebrate mother’s Day a week early with lunch and LTYM, and we anticipate loving every minute of it!


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