Thankful Friday

After this week, it seems essential to do a Thankful Friday post. It feels like months and months ago that I was sitting in an interview at Girl Scouts on Monday afternoon. Feeling so excited about my future and hoping that it was going to come to fruition I met Lynn for swirls on the patio. I got the call from HR with the official offer as we sat there, smiling, silent high-fiving.

It was a major day of change.

That afternoon we in Oklahoma learned of the death of Officer Chad Peery, as well as the attack on Boston.

Going to bed that night, swirling thoughts of the good and exciting mixed with the devastation, we all were tossed around via about elevently million earthquakes.

The rest of the week brought Oklahoma Spring weather, the explosion in Texas, turning in my notice at work and beginning the process of saying goodbye to my clients.

I bartend my first weddings of the season tonight and tomorrow night. I wish I was looking forward to it. After this weekend I want to just be in Norman, and curl up and try to find the balance. I’ll be happy once I get there. I like doing it.

I am however, looking forward to Sunday, and being with Mark and making plans for our future and gearing up for another week.

I’m thankful to have made it through this one. I’m thankful to have finished and turned in my final research paper. I’m thankful for the support I’ve seen in the world, responding to  crisis. I’m thankful for the support I’ve felt personally, as I begin to move in another direction.

Have a beautiful weekend ya’ll. Thank God, it’s here.


2 thoughts on “Thankful Friday

  1. As horrible as this week has been on a national scale, it would be totally bizarre to have personal victories to celebrate…I can only imagine. You always operate with grace, Misti.


  2. Yep. It is hard to balance personal joy and victory with tragedy that goes on around us. But we have to live in that joy and peace or it would be for nought.


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