Weekend Meltdown

Fast and furious shopping this weekend mixed in with a highly emotional and sideways Ridiculous equals a weekend that is now a blur.

Everything finally caught up with me this weekend.

The show. The end of the show. The things we need to do to officially close the show.

Leaving work. Putting away all of my tools and hair do-dads.

Putting said things away at the Norman house.

Saying goodbye to Kikimama. Going home to not see her on the couch, sleeping w/o her at the head of the bed…it’s empty. And sad. And I wouldn’t change a thing, because she was so sick and felt so bad, it was the right time. But shit, ya’ll. That was the hardest thing ever. I have more to say about it but it will be later.

Seeing everyone posting graduation pics on the weekend I was to graduate. Still stings a little.

Shopping for grown up clothes for the Big Girl Job.

Impending start of the Big Girl Job.

Missing my friends. Missing the LTYM cast.

All of that kind of started to settle in on Friday after some poor communication, continued to fester on Saturday until I just went home and cried, and finally subsided by Sunday. I bartended on Saturday night, my final wedding, and that just kind of worked it out. Exhausted it. Which isn’t to say it won’t gurgle back up, but for now it seems to have been given enough time front and center so we’ll see.

I told Michael over our shopping trip lunch that I feel like my life is bi-polar. Extreme manic highs, personal successes combined with extreme loss and major change. I’m riding the ride, rest assured, with my arms in the air, but I long for the moment that the things are settled at Brokedown Palace and the cats and Mark and I are ensconced in our Quiet Life.

Speaking of Michael, yesterday we spent the day at the Outlet Mall and ya’ll. Pretty Woman didn’t have squat on us. We shopped. We found bargains. I told him at the beginning of the day that if you buy enough it’s free! Discounts! Sales! Wheee! I’m still looking for a few pieces but mostly, I feel like I’m set on my grown-up clothes. I won’t be arriving to work in flip flops and concert tee’s. It was so good to spend the day laughing and shopping. So so good. As he said on the FB, “I feel sorry for anyone who isn’t us right now.”


Last night, Taryn and I “hosted” an online 31 Bag party. Do you know about this stuff? Seriously. It sounds silly to be so excited about bags. But I couldn’t have survived LTYM w/o mine. Here’s the link. Look through it and if you want to order one we aren’t closing the show until Wednesday. 

This is my favorite one.

My Favorite

This is the big big week. I have my first day of work tomorrow. Today Lynn and I have some plans, and I’ve got to get my house and clothes and everything in order.

The ick and blergh seem to have worked themselves out. Onward and upward, marching on, going forward. Arms raised. Screaming with glee.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Meltdown

  1. Your life lately might be proof that Cameron Crowe speaks the truths of the universe.

    “I have this theory of convergence, that good things always happen with bad things. I know you have to deal with them at the same time, but I just don’t know why they have to happen at the same time. I just wish I could work out some schedule. Am I just babbling? Do you know what I mean? “


  2. I am excited for you. This big. There will be be those “I’ve made it” moments balancing the scary moments, but you will be splendid. Go, Misti, go!


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