Sidebar to the Work Post

I should mention that my position won’t deal directly with the girls on a daily basis. My position is one that works within the communities I serve. Three counties, Pottawatomie, Grady and Cleveland, as well as five service teams.

My position, eventually officing out of Norman, will be a direct leiason between the community service teams, and the Council. Community service teams are the volunteers within the county, troop leaders and such, that hold elected positions. Manager, Treasurer, etc. In the work scale it is Volunteers/Troops-CST-CDE (me)-CDE Director (my supervisor)


So I will be working with the volunteers on many levels.

I will also be working within the communities. Building connections. Driving membership. Beating the drum that we are in this community, and this is what we are doing, these are our programs etc. Sponsorships such as the one we have with Dell that I worked at yesterday are things that we’re always looking for.

This position has transformed from a part time into a full time. The need is there. There is much work to be done.

Tonight I have my first CST meeting in Blanchard. I’ll meet my volunteers in that area, and really tonight just be introduced and shadow the woman who had this position previously. She has done an amazing job but is moving to another full time position within the company. Thankfully I have her as a resource.

So that’s a little more insight as to what my life will be on a daily basis. I think that while I do have office hours from 9-6 M-Th and 9-2 on Fridays, this won’t be the same ole thing every day. Perfectly perfect for me.

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!


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