Thankful Friday

Aaaaaaaand Friday! Now I understand why Cindy always says, “I don’t want this post to be about how thankful I am for the weekend…but I’m thankful for the weekend.”

I understand the relief for Friday these past few weeks like no other time. I won’t always have Saturday off, next week we will be hosting a GS-University all day at Council to prepare and motivate our volunteers. But this weekend it is good.

I felt like I didn’t get much done this week. I feel like Ive really only been managing to get up and get to work and to work and to come home and eat and collapse. Between trying to split my time between Norman house and here, trying to work on tasks and get the house in shape…ugh. I’m failing at most of it except for work.

It’s a learning curve and I’m okay with that. I’ll get the house sold. I’ll get moved to Norman. I will find office space there and I will get it all together.

This week I sat before a panel of United Way to defend our grant, I met one of my CST Managers and had a great visit with her, I took free daycamp flyers down to tornado shelters and saw so many standing in line at the Salvation Army relief center. I took a few different turns and wound up in the thick of the disaster area, much more than can be seen from the Interstate. I read letters from Girl Scouts across the nation sending support. I’ve thought every morning walking into the office “I Love This Job”

Today I get to head out to Camp Cookieland and hang with the girls for the morning. It’s our daycamp and there is much ado about camp! I myself love camp. I loved it when I was little and I love it now. Though the activities are vastly different, the basic element is the same. It’s about fellowship with friends. Connecting with people on a different level, away from the things of man.

I’m ready for that. I look forward to our music festivals that are on the calendar. I look forward to Cousinpalooza at the end of this month. I look forward to this weekend, too. And spending time with friends, and making progress on this house with Mark tomorrow.

I’m thankful that today is employee appreciation day, too! *payday

Happy Friday, Ya’ll!

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