Weekend Update

This weekend will be brought to you by the words Friends and Nesting.

I came home this afternoon, Friday Im finished early but even earlier today as I needed to meet one of my CST managers in Norman and deliver some supplies and wound up having an impromptu 20 minute meeting. Anyways, I came home this afternoon with full intent to unpack a few boxes, move some things around and out, make some headway.

I napped. Hard. Hard hard sleep.

I’m so tired it seems.

Last night I was dead asleep, and apparently stole every pillow in the bed and when Mark tried to retrieve his, I growled. “But I dont have a pillow” to which apparently I replied,”that’s not my problem” and went back to sleep.


Tonight, we are gathering for delicious food and friends and music and fun. My favorite kind of night. Tomorrow Trish is going to come over and we’re going to take a pass at arranging things in the house before we go see her kiddo in the Sooner Theatre show. The weekend will finish off with unpacking and nesting and grocery shopping and prepping for the upcoming weeks. Next week I work every night but wednesday.

It begins.

This weekend, we rest and enjoy our time.

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