I had two winning days in a row.

Unheard of these past few weeks.

I told Mark as we sat on our porch and had our decompression time once I got home about 8:45 last night, that it felt good to sit and be happy and not feel defeated. It felt really good.

I had the most successful recruitment event in little old Ninnekah Oklahoma, that I’ve ever had. The leaders are in place, and THIS CLOSE to finishing the training required before they get their troop number and can begin meeting. The girls were pouring in, membership forms and money filled out and handed in, excited mothers filling out volunteer apps and offering their land for activities, offering their help with the troop. Everyone. Was. Happy.

I left the leaders there talking, at 8:00 about their troop and how they wanted to work it and what they wanted to do. It was so inspiring!

I had some pretty honest communications about some touchy subjects with my CST officers in one of my CSTs and got back some really great responses. Forward motion. It felt really really good.

I have two big big things I’m juggling but by Tuesday evening they will be behind me. Taryn and the Boys are coming in this weekend and hopefully the weather will cooperate for family photos on Saturday.

Here’s hoping you get a win today. Or that you are a camel.


2 thoughts on “Win

  1. ” it felt good to sit and be happy and not feel defeated” This is good but boy howdy I wish for a time when you can raise the bar a little and people will freaking help you clear it!


  2. Hang in there. Just hang in there – these crazy spells seem to go in cycles, and remember, this is your first fall with GS. There is a learning curve


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