NaBloPoMo-Day One

November is National Blog Posting Month…NaBloPoMo for short. One blog post once a day for every day of the month.

I’ve done this before, several times in fact.

It seems lately that I’ve just quit writing. Life has become so busy and frenzied that I have carved out zero time here, other than a post or two a month. I’ve even given very serious thought to taking down the site altogether.

“There’s really nothing you’re writing about that’s interesting/of use/important”

“You never really put any work into your blog by promoting it, or participating with other blogs”

“The blogs you read have dwindled down to two, maybe three, who cares if you have one to link to”


All of these things I’ve mulled over. Given some thought to.

Then I decided maybe I was just lazy. And I don’t care about traffic on my site. I have never done anything to make it a high traffic place. I don’t have a facebook page for it, or participate with Oklahoma Women Bloggers like I wish I did. I always want to be that kind of reader who reads millions of blogs, the famous ones, the ones of my friends, ALL the LTYM blogs, but I’m not. I haven’t been in the past, let’s say. But that can change now. Life is different, and while it’s still just stupid busy, there’s no good reason I can truly find to stop living in this creative space that I carved out for myself so many years ago.

I have new blogging friends now. Minivan Momma for one.  Mari’s Virtual Notebook for another.  My new favorite friend what I’ve never met in real life Suburban Scrawl  and of course my new guru and fabulous leader and creator of LTYM, Ann’s Rants. 

Heather and Mari have started Oklahoma Women Bloggers and I am excited to really become an engaged member of that community. Listen To Your Mother has opened doors both virtual and real that I want to walk through.

So, long story short, I’ve decided to use the month of November (one of my favorite months) and the NaBloPoMo as a jumpstart back into writing. There are some things I want to join in on. Ann has started a meme #whereilivedwednesdays that I think I could really get behind. Heather has Thankful Thursdays, leading up to Thanksgiving and I’ve dabbled in that a bit but not as much as I want. So there are things I want to do here, maybe revamp how I use this space. Maybe use it more than just an emotion dumping ground/diary. Whatever it turns into, first there must be words.

And words there will be.

One post a month.

Every day of November.

I’m in.


NaBloPoMo November 2013

7 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo-Day One

  1. I am glad you are not going to quit. If for one enjoy reading your posts, but I also am reminded of things I need to do or think on when I read your words. You may not write often, but when you do, there is almost always some nugget of truth or importance I needed to read, even if it is just that I need to live more in the moment.

    I don’t write much either, but when I do, it is because I needed to. And maybe that is enough.


  2. I don’t read a lot of other blogs. Who has time for that? I never cared about traffic either mostly because the blog is for me. I write for me.

    Any way…good for you and getting back to putting your words out there. You’ve been missed.


  3. Sister, the beautiful thing about blogs is that there are no rules. You only have to do what you *want* to do. But, you do need to keep doing it. (You’re on my short list of blogs I faithfully and fervently read.)


  4. Whooo! I’m on the bandwagon, too. By the end of the day on 11/1 I just decided I’d be too sad to miss it so I posted. Glad we’re in it together.


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