20,000 Moments

The weekend was full of adventure and fun and fall color and time with those that I love…and here it is Monday and we’ve had a time change and though we gained an hour, I am already behind on things that need to be done. I have a photo order due to Bonus Mom, and I’ve had Ryan waiting on a piece of writing from me for months. I’ve got some things almost ready to put down for the ceremony but that needs more attention.

Last week during our AllStaff meeting we had a guest speaker from the NBA Thunder. We worked through a training piece that all of the volunteers/employees of the Thunder go through, called Click Training.

C-Communicate Courteously

L- Listen to Learn

I-Initiate Immediately

C-Create Connections

K-Know Your Stuff

He was a dynamic speaker and really touched on some points that I think were valid and worthwhile. Also validating was the fact that many of his points I was already doing in my professional life. The thing that stuck with me the most was that he said studies show that on average, a person has about 20,000 moments a day. It’s the sum of those moments that make the day a good one or a bad one. Most people however, fly through those moments with little to no cognizance.

Since that meeting, it’s been really weighing on me to become more aware of the moments. To become a fully participating member of this life I’m living.

I felt like I did a really good job of that on Friday and Saturday…Then Saturday night came with the bachelorette party for Maggie and  I woke up Sunday with a hangover that Charlie Sheen would’ve feared and everything went to shit. I spent most of it in the bed and then in the afternoon evening, I was just in this space of anxious about the wasted day. This morning I woke up dreaming of exercise classes I wish I was taking and as you can tell from the beginning of this post already focusing on the to-do-list that is past due.

Deep calming breaths.

Great gulps of coffee.

I’m going to start over, focusing on the moments today, focusing on the color of the trees, and the good things the week holds.

I challenge you to count your moments today. The small, seemingly insignificant moments that when added up will make your day either a good one or a not so good one.

Let’s meet back here and talk about them, ok?


NaBloPoMo November 2013

2 thoughts on “20,000 Moments

  1. I oh so relate to waking up focused on the past due to-do. I played hooky yesterday with Jack and Bell and now am up to my eyeballs in stuff that needs done. Right now my moments are choices – do I choose the moment at a meeting tonight or do I choose the moment for a sit down family meal when we are all three home?

    We need to make good choices so that there are moments to savor and sustain us.


  2. Past due. I am working on this too. Finding the grace to move past the ugly and allow the desired happiness a space to be let in.
    Focusing more on the home and the growth of my marriage and the lack of my participation in all or most things family, nice, friends, exercise and good.
    Fall always explodes my heart. It’s the power months. Lets not both waste them.
    Love love love


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