The rain came today, the rain and the cold that signal closer to my birthday than not. It’s cloudy and overcast and there isn’t much that I want to do other than cook and nest in my house which at the moment is filthy and covered in cat hair and boxes. . . yet the moments that I am home I just want to lay.

I try the couch, and it’s… uncomfortable.

We’re in negotiations about a new one. The ones we have don’t fit my body or long legs. It’s like laying on something that constantly says, ‘hey fatty, you don’t fit… why would you ever think you’d be comfortable here’


I have a smack talking couch. Two in fact.

It’s really better that I just get up and come to work. My office is cozy and warm and inviting. I have all kinds of special friends roaming the halls, my newest friend is Alan and he never fails to make me smile.

Trying to be productive on a day like this isn’t the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I like being tucked into my space and crossing tasks off of my list. I ran some supplies out to a volunteer and then got some lunch and then sat myself down for an hour and a half of webinar on hot button topics that my company is facing. I thought I wanted to talk about all of that, and maybe I will at some point this month.

To quote Kizz…”being inclusive is hard work.”

It is. It’s just so much more than I ever thought it was going to be. And yet, it’s still the exact place I’m supposed to be.

I love that I work for an organization that is inclusive, that not only builds girls of courage confidence and character, but supports them in their choices and welcomes all.

I’m proud of the way they are beginning to address and handle issues and set an example for the girls that using their voice is always their right, and leading by that example. That makes me really happy.

So while I’m sleepy, and it’s rainy, and I have to work tonight facilitating CST troop cookie training…I’m ok with it.

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