Remember when I started this whole NaBloPoMo thing seven days ago? I said that I wanted to kickstart my writing again, I wanted to become a more active participant in other blogs and to become an active member in Oklahoma Women Bloggers. I did. I said that. I typed it out and hit publish, even.

I feel like, seven days in, I’m doing ok with the NaBloPoMo thing. I’m still writing. I’m still posting. But more than that my brain has started to move again. I’ve started to view experiences through a writers lens again. I’ve started to carve out time in my day to (not exercise) read more and to write daily.

My next goals are to spend some really quality writing time this weekend and pre-write. Use that little scheduling thingy that so many fancy bloggers use. Use my draft folder and go back and perfect things. As it works for me now, I basically purge. Publish. Go back and edit. Publish. Go back and edit. Publish. Say F-itall and go start laundry. (I never go start laundry)

12 months ago two women, Mari and Heather, started this community and called it Oklahoma Women Bloggers. I knew very little about the whole deal, other than Heather had been a participant in Arkansas Women Bloggers and there was some awesome retreat and lots of boots from Country Outfitters. I knew some of these women via Listen To Your Mother 2012 but not enough to consider participating.

So now it’s 12 months later and I read the posts and comment occasionally and make plans (then break them because of work commitments) to be social at the meet-up and try to really start connecting outside my tiny closed off Norman circumference and it’s not enough. When November rolled around on our calendars I really wanted THIS to be the time where I jump in feet first and swim among the cool kids.

Turns out they are so stinkin nice and gracious and giving! (Sometimes I still get worried that I won’t fit in)

I’m today’s featured blog. Go over and give me a read, peruse the OWB site and say hey to some of these ladies. If you’re doing NaBloPoMo it’s a great resource of reading material. If you aren’t, nor could care less about NaBloblablablafishcakes, it’s STILL a great place to read, find recipes, find new people to follow. So. Go over and let’s tell them thank you for including me, ok? 


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