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blogdisclaimerI’ve already started thinking about Christmas. It happened yesterday as I was walking around my newly cleaned house, looking out at the leaves that are turning and rapidly falling in the yard. I thought about how fast Thanksgiving will be here, and how I decorate the weekend after. I thought about buying our tree and lugging all of our Christmas decor out and combining it for the first time…getting rid of the stuff we don’t want anymore and making this our first Christmas together in this home the best ever.

I’m excited to buy our tree (live ones are the best) and to hang wreaths and send cards and showcase my nativity scene that used to belong to my MeMe. All of it makes me giddy!

I’ve found a lot of inspiration for decor on the minted.com blog, Julep. They’ve got a DIY section that makes me feel like I could actually DO the projects and not just covet them. From using eucalyptus on the door decor to the use of fonts,  I feel like I’m living in a Pinterest ad! I love it!

But if you haven’t seen the card styles on minted.com, you’re missing out. I’ve spent hours pouring over their designs. Photo, non-photo it doesn’t matter. They are the coolest designs, fresh and colorful. Seriously. Go look. See if you don’t loose yourself in this beautiful land of cards that are as perfect as they can be.

I haven’t decided which one I’ll be sending out from the Pryor-McClellan house, whether I’ll use a photo, or go without. I’m leaning towards a photo. In fact, just now as I was scrolling through the options I had an inspiration that simultaneously made me excited and wonder how I could top it for next year! Whatever I decide to use to commemorate this first Christmas under the same roof… you can be sure it’ll be super cute! blogdisclaimer

3 thoughts on “#sponsored: Say Cheese

  1. As I was building furniture this week and trying to figure out where the Christmas stuff would be stored throughout the year, I got a little excited thinking about where the Christmas tree would actually be set up. It’s been a long time since I had a Christmas tree up. merry merry.


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